Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Promise (to myself)

Fall.  My favorite season.  I love the change from sweltering heat to cool, crisp air from the Blue Ridge.  On Saturday I felt inspired...So inspired that I went to my first Bikram Yoga class in over 5 years.  It helped that I had a Groupon that was going to expire, but I'm really trying to dive back into exercise.  Back in college I practiced Bikram during the summers and when I was training for a half marathon.  I loved the routine, 26 poses in the same order each time, and the feeling of total awesomeness when I finished a class successfully.  Yes, the 105+ degree heat can be overwhelming, but when your entire body is covered in sweat and you're able to bend in ways you never thought possible (like me, touching my toes!!), you don't mind as much.

So, my class on Saturday...I thought I was going to die.  I was hot.  Really, really hot.  I was dizzy and exhausted and not hydrated enough to spend 90 minutes doing yoga.  I called Jeff after class and said, "Please remind me that I'm not in my early twenties and I'm not a college athlete anymore."  

Determined to have a better class than Saturday, I went to class on Sunday.  Amazingly enough, that was the class that brought back all of the memories of how wonderful yoga can be.  I was proud of myself for sticking with it and pushing my body.  Regardless of age or current athletic status, I am extremely blessed with the benefits of having been an athlete for years.  I need to not forgot to be thankful for what I'm still able to accomplish because of all of the hard work I put into myself physically. 

I went to class again on Monday and today, and my body just feels good.  I have more energy.  The backs of my legs don't hurt when I prop my feet up on the ottoman.  I can lay in bed and feel my spine lengthening and actually touching more of the mattress.  And this is from 4 days of Bikram!  

I decided to write my feelings on my blog as a public testimony so I can work on holding myself accountable to continuing my yoga practice and being physically fit.  We're more likely to keep our promises and intentions if we tell someone about them, right?!  Help me stick with it!  :)

I'm doing my next Bikram class at 6:15am tomorrow...And I can't wait!

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