Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Labor of Love

For Jeff's birthday, I decided I was going to make him a quilt.  And just a side note, I got my first sewing machine for Christmas a month ago.  Ambitious, eh?  More like crazy.  I hoped that I would have some quilting in my blood since my grandmother made some beautiful quilts for me when I was younger.  With some patience, tears, a seam ripper, and necessary breaks so I didn't end up throwing it out (um, like the dishtowel with the semi-attached pompoms that I gave up on), I did it.  I used this Amy Butler free pattern because it seemed easy enough for a novice. 

All of my mess-ups with cutting crooked, funky measuring, and sewing wavy lines ended up being fine at the end.  I did almost lose it when I basted the quilt and put the backing on the wrong way.  Tip:  Re-read that part in the pattern a few times before doing it.

 Jeff was very appreciative and proud of me for actually finishing my project.  I'm glad he likes it!

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