Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Animals

Since we moved into a bigger house solely for the comfort of our 4 beloved pets, I thought I should let you know how they're doing. :)
Bosco and Felix love having a new couch, a fenced backyard, and enough space to be away from each other if they so choose. They are getting used to the new garage and doorbell noises and love the sound of the ice maker in our new refrigerator. Their favorite thing to do is eat mulch in the yard...sigh.

Oh, Gus. His new favorite game is trying to run out the back door when we go in or out with the dogs. Then we get to go chase him around to haul him back inside. Dottie (not pictured, but I will upload a photo soon!) is adjusting slowly. She has deserted her cat perch for a kitchen chair cushion so she can watch the backyard through the big windows and back door. Gus will occasionally join her-- by either sleeping on the chair next to her or sneaking up and swatting her while she sleeps.

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