Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Before & After, Outside

I finally took some pictures of the exterior of the house. Here's our beautiful white house!

Front of House
-Then ~ Spring 2010-

-Now, June 2010-
Can you believe how much that Saucer Magnolia (pink flowery tree) has grown?! The front garden has really filled in over the past couple of months.

Back of House
-Then ~ Spring 2010-

-Now, June 2010-

Man, the grass was so much greener back in the spring! We removed the Emerald Arborvitae trees because we wanted a clear view of the backyard. My green-thumbed co-teacher took the trees and transplanted them in his yard so they have a new home. :)

The firepit is to the left, and the lump next to it is Bosco. He chooses the sunniest days to go outside and dramatically flop down to soak up the heat.

Herb Garden
With the help of my co-teacher, I planted some herbs in what used to be home to a few small Juniper bushes. I have 2 lavender bushes (already there when we moved in), catnip, spearmint, 3 creeping rosemary, purple sage, thyme, oregano, lemon verbena, and a tomato plant. The bigger plants by the door were already planted and they are boxwoods, a couple of daylilies, and a few unidentified black-eyed-susan-ish plants. The jury is out on whether those will stay or go...I'm thinking I want all the plants on that side to be herb-related.

So much lavender! It smells wonderful and I'm experimenting with drying it and putting fresh sprigs in vases around the house.

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